Employee Training: Emails


Why Security Training is Important

Security training is quickly becoming mandatory for an ever-growing range of companies, far surpassing the first wave of IT firms that rolled it out two years ago, like Dell, Intel and IBM. While it began as an added 'bonus' in the arsenal of the marketing spokesperson, now companies ranging from Unisys, PepsiCo, Adidas, HP and Sprint are making computer security and employee training a key element in their recruiting message, stressing the employee benefit of receiving social media literacy training.

One obvious motivation for formalizing a company's social media programs and policies is to avoid a social media disaster.

Dr. Fisher works with vulnerabilitiesand protection measuresto consider when surveying management, IT staff and end-users about IT security risks in Phase 1 of the Educause Risk Assessment Framework

Corporate Email Monitoring

  1. Collaborative information security for Associates such as vendors and contractors.
  2. -Security strategy and management
  3. -Roles and responsibilities for security
  4. -Security strategy and management
  5. System and network management.
  6. Access, authentication and authorization
  7. Monitoring and auditing.
  8. -Contingency planning and disaster recover
  9. Physical security.