Computer Emergency Readiness | Disaster Recovery and IT Continuity Plan


Having a framework assures a defined structure for the planning process, the development of a plan, priorities and dependencies within a plan, testing of a plan, procedures for maintaining and updating the plan, and responsibilities of individuals and units before, during, and after the activation of a business continuity plan. Dr. Fisher, based on corporate specifications, chooses a framework to be used as the basis for the plan.

Disaster Recovery and IT Continuity Plan

  1. Create the plan.
  2. Train the participants.
  3. Perform drills.
  4. Do post mortems on the drills.
  5. Review the plan.
  6. Revise the plan.
  7. Business Continuity Planning.
  8. Disaster Recovery Planning.
  9. IT Disaster Recovery Plan.
  10. Creation of Disaster Recovery and IT Continuity Plan.
  11. Business Continuity Planning.
  12. Disaster Recovery Planning.
  13. IT Disaster Recovery Plan.