Litigation | Expert Witness


  • SME Expert Witness Testimony
  • As a doctorate of Information Technology and Performance Improvement, Dr. Fisher studies meta-analysis of computer and information research. As an expert witness and scientist for corporate business, her job is to invent and design new approaches to computing technology and find innovative uses for existing technology. And as a doctorate, she studies and solves complex problems in computing for business, medicine, science, law and other fields.

    General Service:

    1. Assist in the investigation, handling, and prosecution of computer-related crimes or misuse.
    2. Deposes regulatory violation and other malfeasant activity.
    3. Reports incidents regarding electronic evidence.
    4. Assist in the arrest of significant crimes with favorable litigation outcomes.
    5. The implementation of remedial outcomes to improve integrity and performance.

    Expertise | Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

    Production Proceeding Investigations

    • Validating other Forensic or E-Discovery Companies Results & Reports
    • Production of Affidavits & Declarations
    • Production of Forensic Guidelines & Policies
    • Handling Incidents Regarding Electronic Evidence
    • EXIF/Metadata Research
    • Data Support
    • Data Recovery
    • Forensic Interrogatory Documents

    Corporate Investigations

    • Data Support
    • Data Recovery
    • Internet Investigations

    Due Diligence Investigations

    • Criminal History
    • News Media Searches
    • Industry Regulated Regulatory History Searches
    • Education and Professional Credentials
    • Employment History Verification
    • Credit History Check (Consent Required)
    • Employee Screening
    • Public Record Research
    • Litigation, Execution and Judgement
    • Tax Liens